Your life needs to be regulated

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It is undeniable truth that training of idealistic principles of religion and virtue cannot be fulfilled by speeches and articles. Both of these mediums are important, but their use is so much that they can create an environment. The real impact only comes when someone is influenced by presenting his example of exemplary. Since we have to establish a new society, new ideas, in public, it is essential that members of family should be their exemplary role in front of others. Publicity is a great way. It is not possible to influence and influence the masses in direction of excellence without adopting this method. Therefore, most important thing is that every member of the family should be able to inspect the weaknesses of idleness, maladministration, disorder, and immorality in his life, inspect them critically, and in this self-contemplation, those faults are visible.

To make a planned plan, go ahead. For each of us to be self-contemplated, we should ask the following questions and note their answers. (1) Do we use the right amount of precious time of life like that or not? Is not it a waste of laziness and dishonor? (2) Do we have the attention of achieving the goal of life? Do not destroy the priceless opportunity in body condition only? Do you ignore the sacred duty of serving the country, religion, society, and culture? (3) We have created our ideology and activities on the basis of demarcation or according to discrimination, foresight, and idealism, have they determined? (4) Are we struggling to suppress psychic and curers? Regardless of the small reasons, we do not forget to wash our peace and block all the way to progress. (5) We are putting the habit of continuing to be contented, hardworking and happy except for the harsh speech, disinformation, and abusive practices? (6) The practice of keeping the body, clothes, house, and objects clean and organized or not? Do not you hate the labor? (7) Do they take meditation and time to make the family virtuous? (8) Does dietary integrity lead? Crucial thing habit is being left out? Fasting at a time, fast sleep, early rituals in the week, or do the rules of necessary celibacy? (9) God has given place in worship, self-respect, and self-reliance in his daily routine? (10) Do not spend more than income? Is there any mischief? Do not save?

The above ten questionnaires should be considered for answer to one who gives soul to person asking for himself, and those errors are wrong, he should always try to improve. The adoption of a method of self-improvement can also be done by adopting a method of sophistication. The excitement of sacrificing all their faults in same day comes in people, but in the absence of the will, power cannot always be promised; in the short time, the same old misuse begins. By making pledges and failing to play them, our resolve is strong and then it becomes difficult to carry out small trials. It runs on many occasions and man’s self-esteem shakes and he thinks that our rituals are so strong that it cannot be possible for them to change in direction of life. It also comes in a disappointing situation when a person prays for the immediate abandonment of all their faults and defects in passion and enthusiasm, and due to lack of morale cannot fight with a consummated conscience.

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