Three levels of Awakened lax

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The famous thinker ‘Tallage’ used to say ‘youth! Do you face difficulties seeing the struggles? Is poverty a hindrance in your development path? It’s wrong to think of you Study the life of great men and rich scholars who go to the summit of successes. You will find that most of them were in your well-known situation, but they did not lose their confidence. They went into an abnormal state by their use of labor and time. Watch the golden day stands for the defeat of successes for your greetings. Leave inertia, accept the consciousness. Your pessimistic thinking is causing obstruction of development and is preventing it from moving forward. You’re not rich poor. God has given you amazing body, eccentric mind and immense capital of time, cannot be compared to any material object. Successful use of it will yield success in your feet.

There was a child in a dirty settlement in London. There was no one of her own. Used to live by selling the newspaper. Seven years old started working in a dormitory shop. One day, while enclosing the encyclopedia book, he looked at an electronic article. The owner asked permission to read the book. He used to read the related article in one night. Curiosity increased. For experimentation and testing, he started collecting small essentials of electricity. A customer was very impressed by the child’s interest. He told that Humphrey Davy, the famous scholar of physics, is going to be speech that day. The owner of the shop was asked to leave for the speech by asking for a holiday. The child listened carefully to all the things and for necessary notes, he reviewed the speech of Hampi Dewey and wrote his counsel. Humphrey Davy was highly impressed. He kept the child in the form of a servant to keep the mechanisms systematically. The child continued to play the role of both job and collaborative scientists. Engage in all day long activities and study at night. This child became a famous scientist, through his mental pursuits and good luck. In the world of physics, all know about Michael Faraday and his famous inventions.

Lack of adversity, adversity, virtually curse is for those who believe that success is the reason for success failure. Otherwise, they are a boon to those who have strong minds of self-trust and passion for determination. After heating in the furnace, gold comes to a great extent. Faced with adversity, personality becomes futile and mature. Except for the numbered exceptions, most of the great men of the world, while reading the character of life, find that they were born in undesirable circumstances. But he understood the inequalities of life as a boon to make conflicts of life and to create a strong means of waking up the cause, due to which he went to the summit of success by leaping the adversaries. He proved that circumstances cannot be a hindrance to human development. Resistance cannot stand in front of a strong man.

The philosopher Socrates was born to a sculptor. Her mother used to work as a midwife after spending some time with her parents’ relentless labor, the father’s umbrella became shadowed a few days later. While spending the days of poverty with her mother, she was engaged in the study. Despite hard work, he continued his business. Even the additional responsibility of running home expenses came to him only in his childhood, but poverty did not become a hindrance in his development and one day he became a scholar of philosophy.

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