The weird world of Ants

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Majskilo Dawawaska, a girl, had to work in a noble family for her livelihood. Children need to work like home cleaning. A young man from the same family expressed his desire to marry ‘Maarza’ from his parents. As a result, his parents removed ‘Maarza’ from the job. This insult changed his directional stream. The girl started her studies as well as continued to perform small tasks for the subsistence and later she married a young man named Peiou Curie. Together they find an element called radium and presented an incredible offering to the world of science. This girl still knows the name of Madame Curie as the world.

Hitler has gained fame as a dreaded ego-centered dictator. Yet for that fame and successes in life, he had to struggle hard and pay a heavy price. In childhood, only parents died. He had to pay for his wages. But the ambition to become abnormal from the general and afterward, due to his efforts and happiness, he became successful. Russia’s Iron Man Stalin was born in a poor family in the province of Georgia. Parents were slaves, writing these slaves was also a crime declaration. This child was also involved in the study in such extreme circumstances. On the strength of his country devotion theory and mission, he became the fate of Russia.

Due to its physical deformity, Samuel Johnson could not get a job in any school. The terrible extinction coming from childhood has not left over. He left the job and stayed in the study. By doing hard work, they continue to live their lives. Soon after, his sadhana showed miracles and gained fame in England as a scholarly scholar. Johnson’s English. The World treasury is still considered an outstanding work today. Oxford University has given him the title of ‘Doctor’ for his services. Hariat Stope a famous writer of ‘Tom Kaka Kutiya’, had to work hard to run the family’s expense, despite being surrounded by poverty and difficulties, he took a little while to complete the book. This book, inspired by inspiration, proved to be a boon for the end of slavery in America. These examples are evidence of the fact that for success Circumstances do not have the same importance as the self-state of mind. If optimistic attitude, perseverance, and self-confidence towards resolutions, and if according to the efforts of a man, it is possible for everyone to be able to achieve the desired goal.

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