The tale of affection

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Vietnam’s father, Ho Chi Minh, had to separate from his parents only in his childhood. From childhood to youth, they continued to struggle. He was arrested and sent to jail for his opposition to the French rule. After leaving prison, they started struggling for Vietnam’s independence. For this, how many times he suffered harsh tortures in jail, but finally his. Success in the goal. Due to the unique sacrifice of patriotism, he got the honor of the Father of the Nation like Mahatma Gandhi. Shakespeare is compared to Kalidas, the great poet of Sanskrit. He was the son of a butcher. In order to start a family car, he had to do the same work in the beginning, but he became the best poet and playwright of English because of his happiness.

Karl Marx was born in poverty Happened. Due to the dying, the afflictions did not leave him. But he kept on meditating in a form of extreme poverty. One day he became the master of ‘communism’, the new system of society. Despite struggling throughout his life, he composed the world-famous composition like ‘Capital’. Abraham Lincoln, who sacrificed his life for equality and justice, had to face many failures. When a shop was opened, his bankruptcy went out. Started business in partnership with a friend but there was a loss in it. As the advocate advocated on a pass, the advocacy could not go on. His wife remained his opponent throughout his life. Four times in the election, while defining every failure on losers, they were engaged in the service of humanity. His passion, loyalty, and renunciation showed miracles and he was elected President of America. It is said in his case that if Lincoln was not elected President of the United States, inhuman slave practice would not end in America and due to the rising revolt, the country would be divided into two parts one day.

The house that lived in the famous poet Marketwatch was virtually a cell built for cows and horses, including the parents, who lived in it. Due to meaning, his father could not arrange for higher education. Twain did not stop studying even after leaving school studies. His talent was influenced by literary interest, and he became a world-renowned literary figure, and many of his universities honored him with the title of doctor. When the philosopher Confucius was three years old, he had to be deprived of his father’s affection. In short life, he had to work in hard work like livelier. In the situation of poverty and poverty, he continued to cultivate his knowledge even after carrying out the burden of a large family. Even today, Confucius’s name is taken faithfully around the world in the arithmetic scholars of philosophy.

Born on a small island near Italy in the Mediterranean Sea Napoleon became orphan at the age of 16. Small-sized long-face-shaped body-shaped child, this child never got love-loving incentives. Always had ridicule and ridicule. In terms of intelligence, it was also more modest than normal children. But the capital of passion and self-confidence was abundant with him, for which he went alone. An orphan boy made the world victorious, his resolve was only a reward of selfishness and self-confidence.

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