the rise from the fall part 1

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This is a story of the rise from a failed attempted suicide to the brightest person I become. It all start like all bad situations with a failure that came along with a long struggle of depression and sadness and the scare of not having the power , the will or the to fulfill  my dream .

It all start the day, I lost everything . one day of my life I woke up from my bed with sunshine like any other normal day , ready to kick life and reaching the next step of my success , next thing I know a shocking news came  knocking  on my brain , my family had lost everything including the money collected for my studies , and here I am with full of dreams and potential  and I was glowing from inside and outside like ready to grab my dream . with this circumstances, money , others adds up which lead me to a full depression and desperation to end my life . So I went for it for me at that point life didn’t worth anymore the living . starting from  blaming myself ; why I didn’t prepare any back up by myself why I never think about I might have failures  , but this was my situation and i had to deal with it .

slowely io start questioning my self what else i can do now that i lost everything , I’m at the bottom life . THE BOTTOM OF LIFE . Since I’m at the bottom and nothing to loose all i have to do is rise .



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