Part-2 Remorse of carelessness

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Proper-inappropriate, beneficial-to-profit, and to decide where to walk, not to walk, it has been given to God by wisdom of God. On basis of that, his activities are on move, but it is seen that discretion that works well in ordinary things of daily life becomes difficult to face same important problem. Compared with traditions, conscience of a rare person is waking up, otherwise, despite internal opposition, people start flowing in an uncharted direction like a lot of water in water. Wherever herd goes to sheep, all sheep grow on same side. If one falls into wolf, then all sheep behind them fall in same well, their lives will be lost.

Saw – As seen, tendency of copying is found in monkey. He sees others doing same, and he does same way himself. When habit of this invention is used to assume human mind, similarly, it tries to prove that ancestral monkey is a child. There are many prevalent practices in society, which do not have any benefit, there are many types of losses, but one sees one and sees it another.

Small children drink them with big hobbies. It is thought that these things are a sign of noble economy. Every drunken person becomes a poor person in terms of temperament. There are so many mental maladies in anger, anxiety, anxiety, disappointment, idleness, cruelty, disbelief etc. On basis of explaining or thinking on itself, every addict accepts evil of this addiction; there is nothing to do with absence of freedom of conscience and courage. A blind tradition goes like a sheep. Is this human’s intelligence? Social evils of Hindu society are becoming so disheartening that it can be difficult for people of middle class to be able to live due to these distortions. Children’s marriage dances to naked sword on head of every guardian.

Everybody has to be forced to blow money of hard earned money on day of marriage. Killer keeps on dyeing with dowry and being able to drink blood of our daughters. Do not forget that people are constrained to work in oats and clothes, and most of what they earn, they keep on swearing in these very rigors. Eight out of rupees are made in making of jewelry, many objections arise, life-threatening jealousy, ego, safety concerns, loss of interest, etc. Even then, tradition is what is. Why do not we all do same? Comparing with traditions of wisdom, it is astonishing as it is to twist loin of a goat’s neck. Surprisingly, it is definitely here.

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