Part-2 Insidious habit of negligence

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A gap between humans is often due to misunderstandings. Real reason is that less and imaginary illusions spread more disturbances. Therefore it should be done that wherever, even when misunderstandings occur, only then should they try to face a face-to-face or intervention of intermediaries. Misunderstandings cannot be created, do not thrive, do not increase, for this every effort should be made to keep knowledge of wisdom, to people of contact, to keep them informed of facts. If there is more responsibility and more loyalty, how does a person grow and stay in profit, fact that if family members are made to heart, then they avoid being caught in clutches of wanders?
Disadvantages come and people behave unfavorably. Even so, he should not let his contemplation affect him. Your contemplation should always remain positive. It is necessary to think that how to make a spoiled? How is the damage done?

How is the trench sprawling? How did the lost goodwill come back? For this, patients should be taken and proper ventures should be adopted on time. This does not mean that by adopting policy of bending and appeasing to unity, undesirable elements should be encouraged, but it is because of their hostility that their thinking is not negative, prohibitive and aggressive. Bravery must be seen in adopting policy of jealousy, vengeance, and repression, but due to this there is mischief in which power is wastage of power and which can be done, due to failure of it, finally, Likely to be defeated is a reward. Administrator should first create his own arrangements so that it can be possible to handle other people and tasks properly. This system is true test of wisdom.

Most of people in world cry for situations and think that if there are similar conformities, they try to move forward. Suitable for all types of compatibility, life does not come for them and they remain in backward backward areas. In contrast, courageous men do not wait for their circumstances to be in their favor, with help of their musical and intellectuals, they create their own circumstances. By utilizing time of labor and intellectual property, they go to summit of success. Ordinary person is amazed at seeing those successes and accepts them as a casual divine gift while they are earned through utilization of their selfishness, labor and time.

With help of others, it can be extended only to a limit. Actual effort has to be done manually. Adaptations also have significance to a limit. Real estate is given to every person equally by God. Almost everyone has got same body intelligence and time. In physical and intellectual terms human beings can also have a slight difference, but there is no difference between time spent in wealth of time. Everyone has met 24 hours a day. This man is greatest asset in life. This is farm in which fruits of different types of success are obtained by applying limit.

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