Part-1 Remorse of carelessness

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Those who have the ambition of making a small or a large family to be on the verge of success, they should first organize themselves. The sweetness of speech is the first quality in this context. Even the sweet-spoken opponents win the mind, whereas the rude people of the rude, raucous nature bring no harm to them and keep in mind the inconvenience of those who come into contact. Their friends are less and enemies are more. Most people keep away from them.

Meaning of sweet spoken is not flattery and neither is it to say something that is not real. It is good to give false assurances to those who have not been formed by him, but when the neglect is seen, then it is a scandal to be a liar. Must be also linked with clarity, sweetness. While expressing complacency in this distinguished language, by laughing and smiling, it can be said in such a way that the second is considered bad without understanding the situation. The nature of speech is made in such a way.
Planning of your time is the second feature of the administrator. One who does not have time to divide his time properly does spend his routine in the midst of busyness, and for him, such preaching does not have the proper effect. There are many aspects of the discipline.

They can also call regularity and persistence or responsibility. Similarly, the self-organizing partner also understands the nature, the desire, the will, the needs of the operator, and begins to behave voluntarily accordingly.

To avoid non-functioning or behaving negatively in behavior It is natural to be unhappy. But it should not be expressed in such a way that the person who made the mistake, hoping to improve it, take a bit of bitterness to his reputation and get on a lot of turmoil. There is a double loss in this. Well, while discussing some of his past good deeds, the surprising thing is made on this kind of mistake, and it gives an opportunity to compensate for the shameful improvement.

Both the intensity and hyperactivity Extremism should not be in the nature of an administrator. Reality plays only with intermediate behavior. The situation of undesirable pressure is only when, in the case of intermediate courtesy, the excessive vow of excesses in behavior should be filled. It can be easily avoided by many confusing moments if you do not make this mistake. Creating a habit of keeping oneself and companions free of tension is also noble. It is very bad to get frustrated with the slightest adversity and to start boasting in a small success. Serious people usually maintain balance in every situation. Keeps the mood to stay in such a balanced mood, there is a sense of new effort to deal with adversity and to adapt. The passionate ones create double trouble when they are lost.
The policy of not tolerating weaknesses and mistakes should be adopted.

Do not miss out on your agreed feedback about them. In the initial disregard for disagreements with mistakes, other people begin to recognize their rights and when they become habituated, they begin to understand the injustice done to them. There are instances where such mistakes are tolerated and we were bullied. Such occasions cannot be there, so the order to praise the enthusiasts and stop the caretaker should continue. It is necessary for every administrator to keep this correction-sinking consistent with time. Yoga, singing, harmony, courtesy should be a continuous endeavor with everyone. The people forget the previous listener and remain loyal to maintain the impression of goodwill.

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