Part-1 Insidious habit of negligence

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In the name of the associate, only his sister used to encourage him constantly and said, ‘Brother need not fear, if you have power in your art then the situation will definitely change, you should be filled in your worship.’ The motivation of the sister is time- Power used to communicate at the time. For the worship of Art God, sister raised all necessary things for brother in the basement under her broken house. The arrangement of dining was also in the basement for him. Krio sang his entire artwork to make an image of marble.

The same day a huge art exhibition was held in Athens city of Greece. Perry Claus was appointed the chairman of a scholar exhibition. Scholars such as Espitia, Fadius, Philosopher Socrates, São Paulo, were also invited to the exhibition of art. The works of all the famous artists of Greece came in there. The sheet was removed from all the artifacts one by one. The audience felt as if Apollo, the god of fine arts, had sculpted the idol in his own hands. Who was the one who created him, everyone had the same question? No answer was found. People were eager to see the sculptor. In such a situation, the local organizer brought a girl and her hair was scarred and hair scattered. Defenders said that this girl knows the name of the artist but does not tell. According to local law, the slave person cannot take any interest in art. On the silence of the girl, she was ordered to put him in jail. A teenager appeared in this and introduced himself to the name ‘Krio’ and said with firmness I worshiped the art as God, if your law is a crime, then we are guilty.

The firmness of the teenager, the unimaginable passion for art in short life and the unique beauty of artwork enchanted the president Perry Cleese, the hardness of the law could not prevent the heart from being diluted and Perry Cleese declared ‘Krio ‘Grain E does not deserve the respect and rewards. We have to change this law, which insults the art deity. From that day the law was changed by Perry Cleese’s efforts. Even in poverty and under adverse conditions, strong loyalty towards the pursuit of teenage artist’s art has not only brought him into the category of the artists of the world but also forced to change the law which was inhuman.

The truth is that the adversities come to take the test of human happiness. And personality also becomes more intense in mature conditions. There was a banquet held in Lyons city. The prominent scholars of the town were literary and artist invited. Discussions arose between the scholars present in relation to the paintings of ancient Greek myths and took the form of controversy. The homeowner called the servant after seeing this situation and asked to settle the dispute in relation to the subject. Everyone was surprised that the servants would give a solution. At the same time, he was also feeling the insult of his scholarship. But after listening to the analytical logical explanation of the servant, all became helpless and immediately learned of this mistake that scholarship is not a gift of a particular person.

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