Measures for improvement of self

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Life is a kind of struggle. It has to fight with the difficulties in the clock-clock, with adverse conditions. Man has to continue his journey while crossing the anti-imperial elements. Wherever you lift your eyes and look, there will seem to be life surrounded by enemies. ‘The weak, the diet of the superstition.’ This is a bitter truth which must be accepted by helplessness. Small fish eats large fish, big trees flutter the dose of many small plants nearby to fill their stomach, and those poor little plants go into the mouth of death. Birds eat small insects and kill those birds, big birds, etc. Poor people are persecuted by the rich, weak and powerful. Considering all these things, we have to reach this conclusion that if prejudice is to be saved from being destroyed by them, then by removing its weakness, so much power should be stored at least Even if no one wants to clutter it.

Diseases of the germs that are so small that do not appear with eyes, keep trying secretly to destroy and kill our health. If they get a little space in our body, then they are dragged towards sickness and death at very high speed. A small mosquito walks behind the gift of malaria, the flies are ready to offer cholera. The cat is ready to pick up the monkey kitchen to chop down the clothes, to chop food and drink from the house. In order to get out of the market, the shopkeeper is sitting at the expense of giving bad goods, weighing less and doubling the money. Thieves, thieves, thieves, hoaxes are looking at their own claims, creeps and freeloaders are spreading their net separately. Thieves, hoodies, rogue burns unnecessarily, bows of hostility, and tries to harm. Hutu-related also keeps on increasing the interest or inferiority from you with the primacy of self-interest.

Frontal forces are tied around. If you are not careful, do not work with awareness, do not prove yourself strong, then there will definitely be so many strikes from all sides that their injuries will be difficult to save yourself. Therefore, entering into the worldly life, understanding this thing should be understood and understood, that the only conscious and powerful person is the one who possesses blissful life in these worlds. Those who are weak, indolent and carefree nature, they will be sucked by others in some way and will be deprived of happiness. Those who have the desire to live with dignity while protecting their natural rights, they have to be aware of their enemies, they have to collect forces to avoid them.

As long as you do not show your qualifications, people will not only cause obstacles in your way but when they realize that you are full of power, they used to reason because of unconcerned hostility, they will have unknowingly friendship. Nutritious food becomes poisonous for the sick but gives strength to a healthy person. The one who loses a straight path by eating a lion walks away, the same shakes his head in front of the circus master and follows his command, becomes a means of making huge income.

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