Life in the jungle

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Man’s abilities are suppressed by defects misdeeds and distractions. The first step of spirituality is to fight against all these delights and abrogate them. This process is called ‘tenacity’. The meaning of ascetic is to purify yourself. Dampness means to find out your outward and intimate inappropriate with a strong intellect, and correcting the bonded nature and mind with them. It is easy to fight outside enemies because they are out and look through the eyes. In such a case, only a microscope can find them, and the belief of being an enemy can change without considering it. The strategy of dealing is made only after this.
The spiritual interpretation of the great war in which Arjuna had invoked Arjuna in the Gita, with its powerful feat against the untimely living being a companion-family Can be in the form of getting involved in fighting. This mandatory war is the only tenacity. Just do not call it the penance of extreme suffering. For this, they have to work in such a way that they have to work like washing a furnace, soap washing and kneading like washing clothes. These principles are to be adopted by the ascetics.
 There are four main points of tenacity- (1) sense restraint (2) time restraint (3) meaning restraint (4) thoughts restraint. Life is divided and spread in all fours. In implementing them, each side of life often comes wrapped. Therefore, this refinement has to be amortized – in a way, the whole life has to be amortized. With the help of determination and courage, practice habits have to be tackled. The hint of mind does not have to say ‘no’ in clear words with lust. It is not necessary to say, but the visionary discrimination as a reflection and the compliance of its orders can be mandatory, for this, the old personality has to be trained.
The second step to raise the self-determination and eligibility for cultivation is that -”Yoga”. The semantics of yoga is to be added. Whom to join? From God, since inception, his only remedy is to incorporate the greatness associated with human dignity into his own life order. The set of phenomena is the God of man. Its overall appearance can only be called inconceivable.
The life of Yoga can be with this God. In essence, it can also be called the phenomenon of enrichment. In this respect, the formulas of Vedanta philosophy make the situation completely clear. Elementality the mystery that is embodied in the words of a great, Brahma, etc. is so much that the intimate and the outermost deformity of man should be devoted.
Divine, It has two sides – the first ‘hardship’ second ‘yoga’ is the meaning of the penance – the eradication of mispronunciations and the meaning of yoga – the enrichment of phenomena. Excellence in contemplation, idealism in character, and the inclusion of complacency in behavior, as much as possible, should be understood, that it could achieve the same level of progress self-destruction.

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