is every event pre-set?

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It is generally understood that brain functions in thinking. It is job of mobilizing the needs of the living and finding a solution to the difficulties presented. His knowledge aspiration may be limited to obtaining useful information for this purpose.

There is a layer of unconscious mind behind it that keeps the blood circulatory system of continuous physiological processes such as heartbeat, breath-breathing, appendicitis, eclipse, sleep-awakening.

Habits remain in the unconscious mind and the conscious mind keeps working for the fulfillment of the requirement. The work area of the brain should be broadly eliminated. Further, the existence of the world made by magic is revealed. Whatever the experience is, but reason and doctrine are not understood. These types of perceptions are often of atrocious psychic consciousness. The introduction of unforeseen incidents of the past, the foreseeable future of the future, ideological exchanges with remote people, relation with invisible souls, a memory of past generations, miraculous, curse boon, etc. are considered untimely experiences. level of personality is also contained in layers of this subconscious, the scientists call it paragraphic element. In this regard, the basis on which the research work is going on in these days, it has been named parapsychology-paragraph psychology.

There is also a subtle body between gross and causal bodies. There is a gross body in Trinity, in which knowledge of senses is involved. subtle mind, intellect, mind, and ego are divided into four layers. Psychologists divide it into the animate and unconscious mind and try to explain the situation in many areas in many ways by doing several sections of it. Due to body is called inner soul, sensations and beliefs are frozen in the same area. The Yogis try to awaken and refine this area by retreat, perception, and meditation.

Autonomic potential is subject of subtle body-minded consciousness. On basis of sensory power, a man often receives his knowledge and works in same amount as he gets in that effort. brain is able to make contact with cosmic consciousness and obtain information about that area. In an undeveloped situation, he has to rely on sensory devices for knowledge creation. The more knowledge, the glory of the person, the more information they can give, it is possible, but when the brain’s consciousness develops more or less than the previous or previous efforts, then the knowledge of the proximate and distant developments of the senses without the help of the senses is. Not only this, our connections with innumerable streams of cosmic knowledge are made. Only a little bit of effort can be earned gradually, but if an authority gets possession of a gem reserve, then it can be made unintentionally wealth. Under space of time, knowledge of innumerable mystics is scattered, developed subtle body can be related to that knowledge store and can make such expansions of its knowledge in a unique time as much as possible in ordinary efforts.

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