Emotional attachments in monkeys

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Those who enter spiritual field should read their alphabet and understand that on what basis is incarnation of Brahma consciousness enters into power of man and extraordinarily creates power and why is it able to do wonders? Why is its status such as being developed and talented with talents, personality of person?
Cosmic consciousness is power. Under his regulation, entire order is in progress. He does not make anyone angry with anyone; like humans, the distinction between his followers is not in his mind, nor does he need any man’s gift or gifts of no one. For anyone who is equitable and just, he cannot have an attachment with anyone on the basis that he repeatedly sings his name or offers uninterrupted flowers.
Compassion of Lord rains for some reason and there. It is deposited, where it should be deposited. After the heat, when the water and the heat get warmed, then there is a rainy season to balance its balance. Water rises everywhere, but that deposit is right there, where there is a relief, there is a pit or depth. Even after rowing on the rocks, that water can’t be stored there.
To connect with cosmos and its abilities-the personalities of communalism are needed to call compassion and devotees close to them. The magnet pulls the pieces of iron around it or pulls itself towards a large magnet itself. God is a great magnet. We can draw on those attributes in our own right, which is in it.
Where trees are intense, there is an abundance of rain too. The attraction of trees drags the clouds down and interrupts them for rain. Rainwater is stored there, where death occurs. River-drain ponds are filled with water so that they have a pit. We should develop our own eligibility so that the grace of God and the cooperation of the people-society can be achieved in abundance.
The human body is the magic pot of magic. His particles are packed with extraordinary abilities. Same activities run in intervals of atom from matter, which are in large part in the vast family of the solar system, the difference is that they hide their splendor in the form of seed in the latent and invisible state. If these can be properly raised, then the person visible in body form can become representative of cosmic consciousness. Only 7 percent of brain has been known to use, but its 93 percent is unfamiliar with that part, which is known as subconscious-supercritical.
In this way, the body fluid which flows through the veins of the body works a lot in the whole body. Some power is spent on thinking and thinking. Its high level, which exists within us as the force of life, can be used to equalize it. Perhaps if this life-force can be made awake, strong and active, then it can become extraordinary even by looking at the human being and can upgrade itself in the state of great human beings, sages, Gods. It is completely a matter of his hand to achieve success and achievement.

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