Beware of your ‘Deeds’

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Misuse of power can make a man a monster. The abuse of power leads to the throats of justice, discretion is suppressed, a person does not have any knowledge of personal duty, one becomes drowsy and does not seem to be the difference between Sat-disagreement. The condition is that the power that can be obtained is utilized only. By misusing it, its consequence is terrible and it does not make our worldly collapse but we reach a very low level from a spiritual point of view.

Generosity is undoubtedly a mental quality. He does not have much relation to physical circumstances. It is often seen that millions of people are stingy in everything, others do not have any effect on their grief, they always look at their own benefits. On the contrary, the simple situation and the poor person are quick to help others, and when they are on time, they are moved forward to help others. One of the reasons for this is that due to lack of poor, they suffer instantly in their misery, whereas the rich do not experience anything other than collecting money in every way.

Those who do not want to serve or benefit others, they are looking for a variety of excuses in the works of generosity. Otherwise, it is a divine element that makes man’s personality very attractive and a center of many traits. Always with the generous person, best wishes and blessings of the majority. People are sympathetic to him even when due to objection or due to lack of reason and his respect does not come down. Therefore, human beings should always behave with generosity with others, through their actions, behaviors, and thoughts, and always keep in mind that they should not have any kind of physical or mental distress except by their benefit.

Many people want to avoid service and assistance to others by pretending to be adverse to the circumstances. We do not say that difficulties do not come in the path of man, but the person whose nature is generosity and benevolence, he will find some way out for him in every situation. It is known to all that the superiority of generosity, aid, donation, etc. is not decided by a greater or magnitude but by its emotion. Due to the donation of a poor laborer from the donation of a millionaire million rupees, more sacrifices and significance are considered from this point of view. The human has to face many problems all the time. The person who successfully resolves these problems, his life is happy, but whoever tries to escape from the problems faced, he is always sad. The solution to problems is simply the means to understand yourself, recognize your power and self-control. The person who has the power to control his thoughts and to organize his thoughts, his situation is equally capable of solving common problems. Do not control your thoughts, circumstances become unfavorable, and ordinary problems also appear to be awkward. When a person comes to a good, then he starts blaming the head of the environment. Thus, he receives false contentment, but his mental distress is not destroyed, but he increases even more.

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