Be decisive in your action

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Compatibility anybody can get birth to go ahead Are. Most of them went ahead in adversity and went to the summit of success which seems impossible for the common man. In the time of such brave and courageous adventurers, the situation is also under the sway.

Terror of slavery in Greece long ago was at the peak. The sale of slaves was like cattle. Behavior with them was like animals. Development of slaves Education was only to pay attention to the things of health, if a slave used to think about writing, then it was considered a crime. In such contrasting adverse and horrific circumstances, a passionate desire to learn fine arts in the mind of a teenage child born in a slave’s house was awakened. In Greece, this law had been made that no slave could study fine arts like a free person. While the independents had every type of facility and there was no blockage on them. The teenage heart of ‘life’ kept crying over this situation. It was feared that if his artwork was caught, he would get severe punishment.

The argument ended with the arguments presented by the servant on the related subject. A scholar asked the servant, ‘What school did you receive in college?’ The servant responded with great humility. Sir, I have received an education in many schools but my most effective teaching has happened in the school of calamity. ‘This stunning child became known as ‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’, whose revolutionary ideology gave rise to democracy.

Famous scholar William Covet wrote in his own self-narrative that ‘Adversity is the biggest companion in human development. Whatever has happened in today’s world has only been possible due to the unfortunate circumstances. If the adaptations of life were easily available, then my development would not have been done. ‘How difficulties and poverty in the early days of the cave, it is found on reading the life character. He writes that ‘I used to run a solution in eight years. There was immense interest in knowledge acquisition. Fled home from London and joined the army. There was a small room to live in which four other soldiers were also living.

The amount of money that was used to get some two-time roti was collected. There was no money left to buy candles and oil. There was a keen interest in the study. To meet this requirement, I started eating half a stomach. The money was saved by buying ink candle paper. Books from the local library were used for a study. Speaking to other lords of the room, I used to be constantly obstructed, but despite this, I continued the continuity of pursuit. Time was never lost in vain. Today, the reward of that is that I can reach the present position. I never panicked with the struggles of life but considered them the means of development.

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