Ask yourself before doing anything

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If you can get time of morning for solitude of contemplation and meditation, then very good. Perhaps it is not possible for you to take time of morning, then you should do so that you have to take any other time together to work your time together. Whenever you can see that a half hour or fifteen minute time comes out, in which you are calm. It is important for mind to be calm.

In a hurry, you will chant anywhere, walk, do not do it. Thinking is not possible for contemplation. This should be a place where external distraction does not occur and your mind becomes calm and concentrated. For this, find a suitable place of privacy, then it is even better, but if you do not get it, then you can also close your eyes and sit in such a place where there is no noise. Eyes will close, even then cave – the situation of residence becomes. Going into the cave and being calm – moving alone is the only thing. If this is not possible, then close your eyes. Closing the eyes is also a job. Closing the eyes can be a lot of work too. When you close your eyes, the inner look is seen inside, there is nothing out there or does not look.

So you close your eyes and see yourself sitting in solitude. In this way, work can be done as well, for meditation, you should sit quietly for some time and understand that we are alone, nobody is our partner and cooperative. Let the partners stay at their place, the co-workers at their place, the family at their place, the money at their place, the business at their place, the farming place at their place, all of them. You just feel that we are lonely and are sitting alone. What to do? Then you start thinking of two types. This is style to consider. It is not style of meditation, it is question. There is room for contemplation and contemplation, mind has complete right to escape. In meditation, one has to do in center, but it does not have to be done in one center. There is a wide scope to consider for this.



When thoughtfulness calls you in which the past is considered for the past, how our past has been spent. Your review about it. You cannot review yourself, but you know well how to review others. You can review the neighbors, blame your wife, scold the children, remove all the mistakes of the world, can get God’s fault, can tell the mistake of destiny. There is no such thing that you do not tell the mistake, but your mistake? You do not even think about your mistake. If you start thinking about your mistakes, review your own self, then there will be a lot of thunderous things to know that we did not have to do. A lot of things will come to know that the things we have done, things we have adopted, should not have adopted them. Does this idea ever come to you? No, never come.

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